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Welcome Back to Sky Lair!

Optern Admin posted Jan 15, 18

After a long two years, Sky Lair Original Factions has returned!


Agazed and I have been working on reviving the server for the past few months, and as of 19 January 2018, Sky Lair Factions will be off and running once again.


A Personal Message from owner, Agazed: I am very happy to bring back Sky Lair. I have always missed running this server and it brings back so many memories to once again run what I believe is such an essential gamemode to Minecraft. A big reason why we made Sky Lair was to revive Non-OP Factions, which is surprisingly hard to find nowadays. I couldn’t remotely find any good servers, so I created my own, with bringing back only the best features and ideas I could remember. This gamemode was such a big part of my early Minecraft years. I know I am not alone and there are people out there who miss what I do. It will always be my goal to keep Sky Lair online for as long as I can. Anyways I hope you enjoy the server and feel free to message me anytime in-game or on here. I don’t bite.


Right now, we are just putting a few finishing touches on the server, and we guarantee that Sky Lair 5.0 will be the best version of the server that you guys have ever played on.


Here are some of the updates on Sky Lair:


  • Free ranks and donor rank perks have been edited. As you know, one of our main goals for the server is to make our factions as simple and balanced as possible, but as you know stuff just isn’t free, and the boys still gotta pay the server bills. So, we have edited the free ranks and the donor rank perks to be what we think as fair and balanced as possible. We want everyone to have fun on the server no matter what rank you have, so we edited them to optimize the experience for everyone :)


  • The world border has been shortened to 5,000 blocks. With a brand new server comes building up a brand new player base. To make the game as interesting as possible, we have shortened the radius of the world to 5,000 blocks. This is not set in stone, but will probably remain until we decide to expand it as our new player base expands.


  • The new and updated Labyrinth will be released within the next few weeks. We have been working very hard on developing a new and interesting form of PvP for you guys, and Agazed and I believe we have hit the nail right on the head with this one…


  • The PvP Tournament arena will also be released shortly. The PvP Arena will be used strictly for sanctioned PvP Tournaments in Sky Lair 5.0.


  • The staff team has been updated! After two years, we have made contact with some of our old staff members and players. They have helped us immensely these past few weeks in reviving the server, and Agazed and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. Please welcome the new staff team: lazyflamingo, GRAESIMMONS, and Its_Hail! Big thanks for their hard work and dedication to the server!


  • Our social media is back up and active! Shoot @skylairmc a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube! Look out for the Sky Lair 5.0 promo trailer coming soon!

 PvP Tournament Postponed

_1_HellOfAButler Can I become something more? Like an Admin? O.o
JoJoShabbadoo Hydra well i might just have to stop on by and check it out :)

Hello everyone, as you may know, the server has been quite slow the past few months. I'm not going to make up any excuses and tell you i've just been unmotivated. I've been playing other games as some of you might know and since school season started I don't have much time to work on the sever as I used to.

I will do my best to revive the server as it is and hopefully get a small player base again like good ol' times. Hopefully if all goes well, I can get the server back to how it used to be.

I have SO many plans for the server right now. To be honest, getting away from the server for a while has actually given me time to get my creative juices flowing again. Since my time inactive i've been improving my programming skills so I have so many more ideas for fun and new plugins.

I thought I would get this out of the way incase you were wondering what happened to me and my server.

Anyway, as some of you may of noticed the server has been whitelisted for the past week, as I have updated the map with the old 1.0 spawn as it seems to be a favorite amonst some of you beta players. I've also consolidated the server into more of the original factions gamemode, the way i've always wanted it to be.

Here are some of the notible changes:

  • McMMO completely removed
  • Donation perks updated to be less overpowered and more even with non-donators
  • Free ranks removed
  • New spawn as I already mentioned
  • Voting crates and keys removed

Here are some of the planned upcoming changes

  • More custom plugins
  • Upcoming website re-design
  • More advertising to be done
  • More server community events

Now I can only make the server better with your help. Please tell your friends to come and play so we can get Sky Lair back to how to used to be.

We will NOT let this server die.
Sincerely, Agazed
MrDoom Kraken Well, I hope you stay true to your word, lmao. Really looking forward to the upcoming events & I hope things get...

Sky Lair 3.0?

Agazed Admin posted Jul 12, 15


Yes, the rumors are true, we're resetting the map.

  • Players will keep their donor ranks, but not free ranks.
  • Inventories and all items will be reset.
  • All virtual chests will be reset.
  • Players money will reset.
  • McMMO levels will be reset.
  • Map will reset.



  • Mob Arena! Woohoo!
  • New crate system! I've been postponing it for a while and it will finally be implemented!
  • New server-hosted tournaments! Not just PvP tournaments, we have something else up our sleeve.


When will all this happen? Everything will happen July 17th around 3:00 EST. There may be some downtime with the server before all this.

We are also planning to give kits to players on the old map and do some sort of world event. Stay tuned!

Leave any questions, comments, recommendations, or concerns as a reply to this topic. We appreciate everything you have to say on the matter.

Thank you!

FlipLine 1.0 cant be beaten
Trisjon I think there should be a Skylair 2.0 map download. Just so we can see what everyone has built and things like that! Tha...
Mr_hanzzie Hydra NOoo my GOD rank well goddammit... hanzziedamit