What timezone are you in? -
I am currently in the Eastern Time Zone.

How long have you been playing the server? If possible, give us dates or a general idea of the timeline. -
I played on an older version of Skylair. The time period was around the end of 2014 --> to the beginning of 2015. I considered myself pretty active during that period and kept in constant conversation with members of the community at that time as well. Pretty active entails a minimum of at least an hour a day and longer hours on weekends.

How old are you and how long have you been playing Minecraft? -
I'm 20 years old. I've been playing Minecraft for as long as I can remember. A more specific date would be around the release of the jungle biome which was around 6 years ago. Throughout my time playing Minecraft, the most common genre of servers I've played were factions. I find enjoyment with the genre and mainly play factions. As a result, I have a fairly good understanding of the factions plugin and how the plugin plays out on a factions server.

How many hours can you contribute per day? Give us a general idea, it doesn't have to be exact. -
I can contribute around an hour a day on weekends. Although this number of hours seems to be small, it's mainly due to college. I am currently enrolled in a 4 year university and do not have enough time to be on for more than an hour. Although there are exceptions. During community events and such, I can be on for a longer time. Furthermore, I can be active on the server for longer periods on weekends. I can contribute 2-4 hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I also think I may have an advantage as a staff member only contributing an hour on weekdays. As I will be on during late nights typically, I will be able to moderate the server and keep it safe during hours when other staff members are not on.

Are you currently staff on another server, or have you ever been a part of staff on another server? -
I am currently staff on a server called The Warpath. I was a Senior Mod at a point on that server. In the past, I have moderated a server called ConstantMC which had a constant playerbase of 40-60 players. I've also moderated smaller servers such as IntensePvP where I played a large role in helping the staff team organize and run PvP tournaments. I also found multiple glitches and exploits that players had exploited on that server. I believe my experience moderating different sized servers is an asset that will only help Skylair. I also maintained constant communication with higher ups on these previously mentioned servers' staff teams. I will always be able to communicate problems to the Skylair staff when necessary.

How can you contribute positively to our server? i.e. In what ways can you contribute to the growth and development of the community? -
Of course I will dutifully fulfill all the responsibilities of a Moderator. I will keep chat clean, inform higher ups of problems, obtain evidence/ban hackers, and keep the overall community a safe and enjoyable place for all! As someone who is likely older than most of the playerbase, and as someone who is experienced with factions, I want to help out/guide new members. I will do my best to keep the community tight knit (although competitive).
One way I could achieve this is through some sort of event. I used to make my own events as a staff member on other servers. I even remember organizing a PvP tournament on Skylair with a player named cm_games before. As for my example from another server, I held a last man standing contest. I created an area where players would start out with no gear and find chests filled with loot. They would fight each other until one person remained. The winner was given a prize from my personal vault of items. People seemed to really enjoy that event.
Another example could be from my time on IntensePvP where I organized faction tournaments. I gathered all the competitive factions (small and large). I tested all these factions on a variety of skills and the winning faction got bragging rights for a week and a prize from my personal vault. (Skills tested would include: Building, Cannoning, PvP, Teamfights). That being said, I'm always coming up with ideas to help get the community involved.
Furthermore, I really value the newer player base. My goal with every new player is to leave a positive impact so that he/she will remember me and come back to play on the server again.

Explain your personality. -
I'm not the most talkative person but I really do enjoy helping people out. Like I said, I like to leave a positive impact on someone. I also tend to be non-biased and listen to both sides of an argument as well. If any problem occurs, I will figure out the true nature of the problem and address it then (without bias). I'm a very respectful person as well. Growing up in my culture, respect was valued. As a result, I treat everyone with respect and fairness. I'm not one to lose my temper with anyone and will try my very best to maintain that respect towards everyone. However, I do like to have fun! I like to banter every now and then and keep people laughing.