What timezone are you in? - Central Standard Timezone

How long have you been playing the server? If possible, give us dates or a general idea of the timeline. - I have been playing on Skylair, since the early part of 2015. I was promoted to a staff position sometime later. From there I went off and on for awhile before being unable to keep up with the server's needs, and my staff post was resigned. After-which I got on Skylair, a few more times here and there to check up on things until the server finally was shutdown. In late 2017 early 2018, after hearing word about Skylair's 5.0 release and that Agazed and Optern both had interest in revamping and reviving the server, I began to partake in an active role in both Minecraft and Skylair.

How old are you and how long have you been playing Minecraft? - I am currently 20 years old. I have been playing Minecraft off and on for almost 7 years.

How many hours can you contribute per day? Give us a general idea, it doesn't have to be exact. - Being a full time student, I cannot guarantee a set availability per week or anything like that because my schedule always changes and is never static. I will do my best to contribute any and all ways that I can in supporting a server that I love and a community that I love to be apart of. I will make note of anything that would or could prevent me from contributing as a staff member of Skylair to either Agazed or Optern.

Are you currently staff on another server, or have you ever been a part of staff on another server? -

No I am not currently staff on any other server. However, I have had much experience in many aspects of being apart of a minecraft server staff. Some servers I have been staff on is


-Server Name
Owner Name
Why I am no longer part of staff

Owner is itsCasual88
I left because the server administration team (Owner, Co-Owner) was very unorganized and uncaring about staff and because of low morale with staff members.

Moderator / Admin
Owner was DarkViper007
The server was shutdown due to owners lack of interest and lack of players.

-Beans and Bacon Minecraft Server
Owner was Charlienuksak
Server was shutdown for unknown reasons.

-Minecraft SMP (Yes... this really was the name)
Admin / Co - Owner
I cannot remember
I cannot remember
This server was made of me and my friends who were staff and took the server public in the early stages of Minecraft Beta. I cannot remember exactly all the details because the beginning of Minecraft Beta happened a long, long time ago.

How can you contribute positively to our server? i.e. In what ways can you contribute to the growth and development of the community? - Some of the ways that I feel I could contribute positively to the Skylair server and to improve the growth and development to the community, especially with this server coming off of an almost 2 year shutdown would be doing two things; Voting and Advertising. Voting is singlehandedly one of the most important things that a Minecraft server must have when just starting out and building a new player base. It ranks the server higher on Minecraft Server Aggregators and makes it much easier to find for players searching for a fun, classic factions server. The second thing that I can do is Advertising the Server, with a PR campaign using tools such as Youtube, or Twitch to give demos and gameplay on what the server is about to draw in new players to invite them into the community. I feel that I can really help this ownership team, as well as the other moderators get Skylair, not just back to where it was but higher and better than it has ever been.

Explain your personality. - I am more on the introverted side when playing Minecraft who enjoys playing the game and having fun while I do it, I enjoy helping others share in my experiences having fun while playing Skylair. I consider myself a team player who is always there to help those in need and to make sure that I can help in providing a fun, fair, enjoyable experience for all who decide to play on Skylair. I pride myself on giving every player I interact with respect and expect that to be a two-way street. I believe all of this will be a great asset in helping mold this server forward and upward.

Thank You