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Ban Appeal accused of hacking Sorry this is long but please read all of it could help lots of others

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Dear Agazed and Skylair Staff,

Recently I got accused of hacking and killaura. I have never hacked before nor do I know what kill aura is. As for the video evidence I saw that BlazingFury posted, all I saw is that my arms are moving really fast, I do not know why BlazingFury saw my arms moving like that, that certainly did not happen when I was playing. I do not know if the video was edited or if it was a bug or why BlazingFury saw what he saw but it does not represent the reality of what occurred so I did some research. I understand now, after some research, what a kill aura is, and I can understand how the video made it look like I was using one. There is also the player Shornz in the background of the video, you can ask him as a third party if he saw me using a kill aura, he will probably say he didn't because I was not using a kill aura. Also there is a possibility that BlazingFury hacked his own minecraft client to feed it fake server information, which intercepted my characters position and rotation information, and replaced it with his own. He can use that injection to make it target him and Shornz, any player within the nearest distance so that on his client, and his only, it looks like I have a kill aura. He then recorded his hack to get me banned. Servers send data to clients but clients can be hacked to see wrong data. He can't actually do anything on the server because the server wont allow it if he makes an unauthorized request like "move 500 blocks in one second" but on his own client he can hack it however he wants. So he used something to reintepret player data onto the client and make it seem like I had a kill aura, so then the game renders it that way but only on his client. He also recorded it in a smart way, he made sure I was near players other than himself so it showed me automatically turning as well as he recorded it in spawn. Because if he recorded it in a pvp zone then you would see that I wouldn't actually be killing people because it is fake, recording it in spawn makes it look like I am hacking. Upon more research I found that this is a common occurrence and I found some links you can check out. These are links that are videos and forums discussing the hack I described that can be used to frame other players and make it look like they are hacking. Please take this all into consideration. Thanks. -MushroomJones
Posted Mar 12, 18 · OP
Agazed Admin
Interesting. I was not aware of these fake kill aura clients. But after looking into your case I have determined there is not enough evidence to determine if you were using kill aura or not based on the video provided. You have been unbanned.
Posted Mar 13, 18
so i was reading into this after witnessing someone using this hack. I looked at the links above and noticed this post on the desteria forum
Posted Mar 20, 18 · Last edited Mar 20, 18